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Many of our publications are available in hard copy format. All publications are free of charge to you. Call 302-761-8064 or email Kristie Manley to request publications. And please consider sharing your thoughts and suggestions for product improvements so that we can continue to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. You may provide feedback here. Kristie Manley

Monthly Labor Review - August 2015 (Published On: 9/17/2015)
Quick facts about labor market trends, the civilian labor force, area unemployment rates, nonfarm employment, the consumer price index, and hours & earnings.

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Research (Published On: 2/10/2014)
Disaggregation of the Beveridge Curve: The Skills Gap and the Duration of Unemployment

Delaware Wages 2014 (Published On: 6/16/2015)
The estimates in this publication were derived from the Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) survey.  This valuable tool is made possible by the hundreds of Delaware employers who responded to the survey.  Data are published only if there are enough responses to ensure both quality and confidentiality. 


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Delaware's Economy (Published On: 5/21/2013)
Delaware's Economy
Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We're Going

Delaware Annual Economic Report (Published On: 9/29/2015)
The Delaware Annual Economic Report, a comprehensive look at the state's economy and workforce, is now available in PDF format. Please contact George Sharpley with any questions or comments.

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Projections of Delaware industry and occupation employment levels ten years into the future are generated every other year.

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Beyond Wages (Published On: 4/7/2011)
Previously titled "Delaware Jobs: What Do They Offer?", this is our fifth survey of benefits offered by Delaware employers. Here you will find data on part-time and minimum wage employment, paid time off, healthcare and retirement benefits, and more.

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Career Heroes Activity Book (Published On: 12/21/2011)
The Career Heroes Activity Book is a career awareness workbook for elementary students. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the Career Heroes Trading Cards and the Career Heroes Teacher's Guide. The activity book introduces students to just a few of the hundreds of Career Heroes out there making the world a better place. It also describes the 6 different types of Career Heroes: Doers, Thinkers, Creators, Helpers, Persuaders, and Organizers.
To request Student Workbooks, Teacher's Guides and/or Trading Cards, please contact Kristie Manley at 302-761-8064 or email her at:

Delaware Career Compass (Published On: 8/14/2015)
Welcome to the 2015-2016 edition of the Delaware Career Compass. The Compass is a step-by-step guide to career planning. Learn about yourself, the world of work, and how you can reach your goals.

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Teacher's Guide (Published On: 8/14/2015)
The Teacher's Guide is the companion publication to the Delaware Career Compass (above). It is designed to supplement and enhance the use of the Compass in your classroom.

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Delaware Career Guide (Published On: 4/6/2011)
The Delaware Career Guide is a job-search workbook for adults. Use it to learn more about yourself, to organize your job-search resources, and to develop the skills you will need to navigate the job market.

Pocket Resume & Interview Guide (Published On: 8/12/2014)
Students and job seekers who complete and carry this handy guide will always be prepared for success. To order, contact Kristie Manley.

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This bookmark lists websites for personal assessment, labor market information, job preparation, and job search.

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Green Jobs Delaware: Construction (Published On: 8/3/2011)
Green Jobs Delaware: Construction provides key results from a survey of Delaware business establishments conducted by the Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, University of Delaware.

Key results from a survey of Delaware business establishments conducted by the center for Applied Demography & Research, University of Delaware.

Key results from a survey of Delaware business establishments conducted by the center for Applied Demography & Research, University of Delaware.

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