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Long-Term Projections
Two-year and ten-year employment projections for about 100 industries and 500 occupations, at the state and county level.
The Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) program is a semi-annual mail survey measuring occupational employment and wage rates for hourly and salaried workers in non-farm industries.  The survey produces employment, hourly wage, and annual wage estimates for 22 major occupational groups and over 800 detailed occupations. 


Delaware Career Compass (Published On: 8/14/2015)
Welcome to the 2015-2016 edition of the Delaware Career Compass. The Compass is a step-by-step guide to career planning. Learn about yourself, the world of work, and how you can reach your goals.

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Beyond Wages (Published On: 4/7/2011)
Previously titled "Delaware Jobs: What Do They Offer?", this is our fifth survey of benefits offered by Delaware employers. Here you will find data on part-time and minimum wage employment, paid time off, healthcare and retirement benefits, and more.

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Pocket Resume & Interview Guide (Published On: 8/12/2014)
Students and job seekers who complete and carry this handy guide will always be prepared for success. To order, contact Kristie Manley.

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